Today was the second day of the opening NorAm slalom races at Loveland.  It was warmer than yesterday, but with a little more wind.  As with yesterday’s race, it was a star-studded field, with  quite a few World Cup racers in the line-up.

DODGE Ski Boot racer Ty Sprock posted a solid run but just missed the cut for the second run.  But, as a 2nd year J2 in his first NorAm races, Ty should only let that act as more motivation.  Go for it in Aspen, Ty!

Dave & I are lucky to be staying with DODGE Ski Boots team captain Warner Nickerson in a family friend’s house in Aspen. It’s really nice to be in such a beautiful place, and even nicer to spend time with Warner.  We expect to see fellow DODGE Ski Boot racer Charles Christianson as well.

In some ways though it’s kind of like an infirmary, as both Warner and Charles are dealing with back pains.  Warner’s is bad enough that he’s pulled himself from the NorAm GS races at Aspen so he can get ready for the World Cup races at Beaver Creek next weekend.  Dave & I will do our best to help him heal!  Hopefully Charles will be feeling solid for tomorrow and Tuesday.

We’ll be cheering on Ty as well as skiing with some bootfitters in Aspen who are interested in the DODGE boot.

More later.


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