We made it!

Awoke at 6 AM, took our time, had a leisurely breakfast at the North Platte, NE Hampton Inn and on the road at 7 AM.  Thought it was going to be a little hairy as the entrance ramp to the interstate was slick with frizzle.

But after a few miles it cleared and we were in for clear sailing all the way to Denver, where we arrived at about 9:45 … just in time to get into Costco!

Warner didn’t answer his phone so he didn’t get any more socks.  But we gassed up and made it Harald Harb’s shop by 11:45.  It is always good to see Harald, Chris and Diana, and today was a special surprise to see Jay Peterson, our DODGE Ski Boots fitter in Portland, OR, who was just leaving after finishing up with Harald’s camp.

Next stop was Copper Mountain, where we caught DODGE Ski Boot racers Kenny Wilson and Devin Davis.  We’ll see them again tomorrow, but certainly great to see them today.

Made it over Vail Pass about 3 :30 PM and pulled into West Vail. We are staying at a friend’s house who is really, really gracious to let us camp here for almost 2+ weeks.  Thank you, thank you Jim!

Went to the grocery store for fill-in things (butter, etc.) and now it’s time for Moondawg’s Vail.

Let the games begin!

If anyone needs to reach us, wants to demo boots, please get in touch with me.



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