Dave & I have been really busy the last few days making lots of new DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.  The new boot is really looking good.  The new sole for the 25.5 size (295 sole length) is great and fits beautifully.  The new cuff is so nice. And the new DODGE scarpetta (inner boot) is fabulous!  We are building up the inventory to get ready to ship to our boot fitters at the beginning of October.  Have you placed your order yet?

And, the DODGE boot is apparently making some waves (still) on the hill.  A pair of boots emigrated from Chile to New Zealand and apparently are skiing pretty fast (when weather permits).  Let’s see.  First, Warner wins a couple of 6 point races on DODGE Ski Boots and there’s an earthquake.  Now Ace is stirring things up with DODGE Ski Boots and the biggest storm on the planet is hitting New Zealand.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.  All I can say is watch out for some wicked weather in Austria at the end of October.

We’re getting all the raw materials ready for a major production run next week.  I probably will be like a zombie after standing at the press all day.  But well worth it.

Tomorrow, though, is the first day of curling for the year.  (Hurray!!!!!!)  Bonnie & I are headed up to Jay for an overnight curling session which should be fun.  (Might have to stop for a burger at Burger Barn in Jeff on the way and maybe swing down through Sheldon for a Devyn’s creemee on the way home!)  Only downside to all this is I will likely miss Bob Burley’s Tour de Lac for reprobates on Sunday. Damn!

Well, gotta spend some time with the family `fore they kill me.

The flavor is maple at Devyn’s this week.  Yum!

Getting fatter by the minute.


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