With crunch time on us to get DODGE carbon fiber ski boots made and out to our boot fitters, I have found myself in the shop the last three days making lots of  boot parts.  Friday was dedicated to making our new 235 size (that’s a 275 sole length).  They’re looking really good.  The first pair already has Sabrina Chiasson’s name on them.  Watch out for her in Colorado in November!

Made some new shells for Warner to take to Europe and testing some new layups for him.  We’re holding onto the boots he used to win the final NorAm GS;  the boots he used for the US Nationals and Spring races, and; the boots he used to win two ANC 6 point races in New Zealand this summer.  Hoping his new boots show also their true pedigree at Soelden later this month.

Started making the new 275s (315 sole) yesterday and they’re looking good as well.  Didn’t finish as we had a nice visit from a racer who’s been finding so much success testing the DODGE boot in Chile and New Zealand that he came here to purchase his own pair!  Guess it’s okay to stop production so we can fit up another racer and make a sale.

But, that put me back into the shop this morning to finish up the 275s.  It was nice to walk out there with frost on the cars and still dark out … that means the snow is on its way soon.

Finally wrapped up the molding about 10:30 AM and then prepped upper material so I can mold all the 235 and 275 uppers tomorrow.  It’s gonna be a long, busy and hot day standing in front of the heating press.  But I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.  I really do like making these boots.

Gotta go and spend some time with the family on this beautiful afternoon. Might mean a drive up to Jeffersonville for you know what!

Enjoy the day.


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