We’re hard at it this afternoon making new molds for the 245 size (285 sole length). We have a new mold material that should help with production, but Using the CNC router to cut new molds.as with anything new, the first time you work with it requires lots of learning.

Here’s Dave keeping a close eye on the machine we use to cut the molds.

Meanwhile, I’m welding new fixtures we use to hold the boots during assembly.

Back to it.


  1. Just an idea…
    When you get a request for a special mold to fit a special foot, use the following biz model:
    Call that “special” last by the name of the requester; build the price tag is to say $5k (for a lower last) and rebate $500 every time a new client happens to order that identical lower shell. Just set a time limit for that offer (2 years?)

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