IMG_0796It’s been busy in the DODGE Ski Boots factory and store.

We’re moving a lot of boots out the door, both with customers who visit us for factory fittings and shipping to customers who are taking advantage of our Remote Fitting program. One thing they all have in common, they’re saving some serious dough on the world’s high-performance carbon fiber ski boots with our new Factory-Direct Pricing.

We’re also busy in the production area trying to re-stock boots to keep up with the demand. Each pair of boots has 8 parts that have to be molded, so that keeps us busy.  And, after they’re molded, each part needs to be trimmed on our proprietary laser robot. Then everything is assembled.


That’s okay, we like to make boots and we like it even more when our customers tell us how much their skiing has improved on DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.

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