I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments on Facebook from people down South about the cold and the snow.  Not to trivialize the situation (let’s face it, they’re not built for winter weather) but I’m at the point where an inch or two of snow every night doesn’t even count!  Walked down to get the paper this morning through a couple of inches of new fluffy snow and thought “Nah, not enough to start the plow.”

John came home last night from visiting his girlfriend in Charleston, SC.  Says he loves it there.  Will have to bring him back to reality today with a little hockey at the Gut.

Then it’s back to the important stuff.  Making Dodge Ski Boots.  (You were wondering when I’d get the plug in there, right?)

Dave & I assembled some 255 lowers and 275 uppers yesterday using our new super hot-melt glue gun.  Let me tell ya … that thing is great!

First, the adhesive is strong enough to pull a truck, so we can depend on it.

Next, the operation is easy enough to become a one-person procedure, rather than two.

Third, it doesn’t  require all kinds of clamps to hold the parts.  Fourth, its fast, so we can drastically speed up production time.

And finally, it’s not messy like the previous 2-part adhesive we were using.

The laser is back in action and cutting nicely.  Will finish up some 275 lowers so we can get Duffy’s boots to him.

Then, it’s on to molding more parts for 265s.

Remember to turn left, turn right and stop at the bottom.


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