I love this guy!  Dane has been giving us terrific feedback about the boot as well as super results.  Here’s some of his latest reporting from Mission Ridge.

“All in all though it was good testing for the boots, soft but definitely different snow then we had in the East.  There is no question you can take a much straighter line than a plastic boot.  I also notice that for me the biggest difference is in the first 15 gates or so.  I am able to get up to top speed much more quickly with the Dodge Boot due to its quickness on edge, and since it does not boot out at all.  This allows me to push much harder into the snow at slower speeds, generating energy and therefore getting to speed quicker.  I believe this is also true in transitions from steep to flat, I can  straighten the line sooner and carry more speed across flatter sections of a course.  Honestly I have a hard time seeing myself use a plastic boot again, your boot just has a lot more potential!”

Wow!  Thanks Dane.

Dane also has become a believer in buckling looser, something you can do with a DODGE boot that is tough (if not impossible) with a rubber boot.  Here’s Dane again.

“… buckle the boot more loosely which seemed to make it perform better in general (you guys mentioned this to me before, now I see what you mean).”

This all gets back to the foot being a key part of the suspension system rather than used as part of the chassis.  But that’s for another post.

Going to see Gerard today.  Always good to visit the master.

Dave’s also on the way back from an “interview” with MotoMan IV, a new generation robot that will improve our production. Think we’re gonna have a retirement party for MotoMan I, our first “employee”.

Take chances.


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