Had a good Skype conversation with Warner last night, which was this afternoon in New Zealand.  He expanded on some of his email about the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot on hard snow.  He’s feeling really good about it (as well he should after his win in the opening ANC GS.)  And,there are some other guys thinking it’s pretty good too.

We have a racer using the boot who has to remain nameless because of sponsor contracts who I’ll start to call “Bob” unless he gives me a different name to use.  Anyway, “Bob” was undecided whether to use the DODGE boot or try to make his sponsored rubber boot work.  He had been skiing on the rubber boot one day and then on the DODGE the next day and thought they were pretty similar.  “Bob” told me that he then did a hard snow test of the DODGE boot on one foot and his rubber boot on the other foot and what a difference!  “Bob” said “The turns on the DODGE were solid and sure.  The turns on the (rubber) boot felt like the ski had no edges!”  Yesiree, “Bob”!

But, there’s more!

Another “nameless(!?)” racer asked if he could borrow Warner’s boots for a couple of runs.  Warner told me this top-level racer was pretty impressed by the DODGE and that it should affirm the DODGE’s performance on hard snow.  It’ll be interesting if we hear from his current supplier about getting some boots.

"Gyro Captain" from "Mad Max: Road Warrior"

Warner as "Captain Carbon"

I’ve enjoyed seeing Warner get some good “face-time” on JO’s video blog. Did anyone beside me and Dave notice how much Warner resembles The Gyro Captain from the Mad Max Road Warrior movie?  What do you think?

I’ll keep the stuff coming.

Time to get caught up on things around the house (dump, pool, grass … )


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