Sending You Some Positivity!

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Warner

We, like many of you, wish we were still skiing and were devastated to take our Thule box off the car this week.   

But, we are passionate about people and our ability to find joy even at times like these.  

We hope, first and foremost, that all of you and your families are safe.  But, we also wanted to share what we’ve enjoyed as some of the best alternative activities and good vibes we’ve seen on the internet this week.

These are two of our favorite videos so far.  Let us know if you’ve already seen them or if you have something even better! 

The first one is from Swiss Freeskier, X Games Gold Medalists, and all-around badass, Andri Ragettli.  Click on each picture to bring you to the full video. 

And this one of Brooke Raboutou an American climber preparing for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo (whenever they will happen).  

Sending you good vibes from Vermont.

-Dodge Boot Family 

What is The American Downhiller with Marco Sullivan | Dodge Chairlift Chats #43

Posted on February 13, 2020 by Warner

“Welcome back to Chairlift Chats”

Hope all of you are getting plenty of time on snow!!   We are having a solid season at Stowe.  

Check out this week’s chairlift chat with Legendary American downhiller, Marco Sullivan. He’s spent 17 years on the U.S. Ski Team and raced 105 World Cup downhills – most any American man.

When he was coming up he didn’t want a personal website like so instead, he picked Then fast forward to the middle of his career, the American downhill team embraced the name American Downhiller and it has brought together multiple generations of American downhillers.   

Today he runs ski camps for kids to help them with speed fundamentals staffed with former and current World Cup and Olympic American downhillers. It’s a cool story and he’s doing a ton for the youth of our sport by having these camps.

Check out the video below!  

– Dodge Ski Boot Team

P.S. We sold out of a number of sizes in the last month and recently received new material, so now is the perfect time to jump in line to get your boots as quickly as possible.   

She is World-Class in THREE sports by the age of 23.

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Warner

“Welcome back to Chairlift Chats”

Kajsa Larsson, Sweden

Hope you had a wonderful summer and are getting fired up for winter!!  We can’t wait.    

To celebrate our excitement here is our first chairlift chat of the season with Kajsa Larsson, a 26-year-old Swedish freeskier.   

She talks about her competitive drive and background to become world-class in three sports.   It all started being on the Swedish National Gymnastics Team, then she moved on to win a World Tour in windsurfing after two years of full-time sailing, and most recently become a professional skier after only skiing full time for a season.  Insane.  

In our opinion, the most interesting part is towards the end when she talks about the process and reasons for switching sports and the constant desire to be outside in nature.  

Cheers to winter!!

-Dodge Ski Boots Team

And the winner is…

Posted on June 13, 2019 by Warner

Hope you’re having a great start to your Thursday!!

Thanks to all of you that shared photos with us this year!   It’s always so fun to see customer’s glorious moments shared with friends and family on the slope!  

Below is a slideshow of the photos and the drawing of the winner!  Congrats to David Wilkens on winning a new Dodge Ski Boots hat!   


-Dodge Boot Family

We love this!

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Warner

Thank you!

It’s this time of year when things slow down and we are reminded just how thankful we are to work in the industry we love and build boots that make our customers better skiers.

It’s your spirit, passion, and joy that makes it all so rewarding and fun. Cheers to all of our customers for sharing their favorite moment of the season!

Hope all of you are having a spectacular Memorial Day Weekend! 

All the best, 

-Dodge Boot Family

Happy Easter!!

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Warner

We don’t have a Chairlift Chat for you today, but instead, want to wish you Happy Easter with a 38-second video!  

All the best, 
-Dodge Boot Family 

Chairlift Chats: How to test and set up your ski boot aligment​

Posted on April 5, 2019 by Warner

Welcome back to Chairlift Chats!

Hope you’re having a great Friday and going skiing this weekend!!

Some of our customers ask us about setting up their ski boot alignment so we wanted to make a video explaining a great way to test your boot set up to make sure you’re getting the best performance.  

Having the right alignment on Dodge Ski Boots is crucial because the material is so rigid that any small change can make a dramatic difference in skiing performance, which you can see in the video.     

It’s extremely easy to test and really fun to change how your boots are set up to ski your best and works for any boot manufacturer.  

Check out the video below to learn how it works! 


Posted on March 29, 2019 by Warner

Now is the time to buy new boots while your feet are still in skiing shape. 

Honestly, it makes a big difference!! 

And right now we are doing the best special offer of the year!!

Buy before April 30th and you will get a free Dodge Ski Boots backpack and your money back satisfaction guarantee will go until December 15, 2019 (not 30 days from purchase).

It’s the perfect time to get on Dodge Ski Boots! 

Performance doesn’t have to hurt!

Click here to start you fitting assessment!!

Chairlift Chats: The Process to Design these is Mind-Blowing

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Warner

Welcome back to Chairlift Chats!

Hope you’re having a great Monday after an exceptional weekend!

In this chairlift chat, we discuss the process and how Dodge boots are vastly different from any other ski boot in the world.  Essentially, it’s about all the different hurdles we had to overcome to make a boot that makes you a better skier.

In this chat, we discuss finding and testing material, creating a revolutionary turnkey process to mold a material, finding the right lasers and robots to cut the boots uniformly on each pair, and building new bolts and fasteners because what we needed didn’t exist.  It’s been one heck of a ride and really worth watching to understand how it works.

Watch this video to hear the two founders explain just how different your Dodge boots really are.

Have A great day!
-Dodge ski boots Team

P.S. The process of designing this boot was the most fun thing we’ve ever done!  We are overjoyed that you’re on them or interested in them.

Chairlift Chats: Our last conversation with Gérard Rubaud

Posted on January 18, 2019 by Warner

Welcome back to Chairlift Chats!

Hope you’re having a great Friday and ready for some snow this weekend in the East!!

This wasn’t our last chat with Gérard Rubaud before he passed away at his home in Westford, Vt., on October 7, 2018, at the age of  77.   But, it was the only time we brought a camera in October 2016.  Hope you enjoy.  He was and still is an inspiration to everything we do at Dodge Ski Boots.

Gérard Rubaud was an integral part of  Rossignol Ski Company, beginning in 1964 when he set up and ran the race department and culminating in his presidency of Rossignol North America in 1979.  Leaving Rossignol in 1982, his passion for cooking led him to create Gérard’s Haute Cuisine, an early leader in sous vide cooking and then, in 1994, a return to his early roots as a baker.   Gérard’s Bread was highly sought after in the Burlington, VT area, with loaves selling out as soon as they arrived in stores.

Rubaud hired Dodge Ski Boots co-founder Bill Doble at Rossignol/Nordica in his first jobs after graduating from college so it’s a huge honor to make this short video and celebrate Gérard’s life.  Even after leaving the ski business, Gérard kept up-to-date with the business and was a terrific ongoing counsel to Bill and Dave Dodge in developing Dodge Ski Boots.

While he may be gone, Dodge Ski Boots will always live by  Gérard’s early advice:  “Don’t be fashion. Just make the best ski boots possible!”

Merci Gérard!