Long-time readers know we love auto racing and use a lot of auto racing analogies.

One that we firmly believe in is:  There’s no such thing as too much power.

I think it was Sam Posey who once said of the famed 1,000+ horsepower LeMans Porsches that the first lap or two was terrifying, but after that you were looking for more power.

Which brings me to today’s DODGE carbon fiber ski boots discussion.

We have been ramping up our production equipment to keep up with the increasing consumer demand for DODGE Ski Boots.  Two days ago it was our new mega compressor, which is pretty sweet.

But, does it have enough power?  Nah, of course not.

So, just like we do with our cars by re-programming the ECU for more power, we’re doing the same with our air.

Here is our new air amplifier.  It takes the air and double the PSI.  So our 175 PSI compressor now will deliver 350 PSI at the machines where high pressure is needed.  Talk about power!

001I can hardly wait to hook this bad boy up.

More later.



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