If the #FIS wanted to create more attention for itself, it sure has accomplished its goal.  Yesterday’s New York Times featured an article on the FIS ski regulations. The article did a good job of pointing out athlete objections and didn’t hold back identifying the only apparent supporters (and beneficiaries) of the changed regulations being Hannes Reichelt, Benni Raich and Atomic Skis.

Where the article fell short was its failure to report on the FIS “code” aimed at prohibiting racers from speaking out in any way that the FIS might consider “blasphemy”.  This is the bigger story and hopefully the #NYTimes will jump on it in the days leading up to #BeaverCreek.

#FISTyranny is going to be the big story in the coming days and weeks.  Let’s see what happens with race fans, with the media, with sponsors (are you listening #Audi?), and with the retailers who are buying all this equipment.


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