The Nor-Am circuit is again north of the border, having made the long trek east to Quebec from British Columbia. And DODGE carbon fiber ski boots are picking up where they left off before Christmas.

Charles Christianson had a couple of good slalom races at Val St. Come, QC.  His 5th place finish on Monday was good for 15.74 FIS points (best since 2008) and adds nicely to his Nor-Am Cup point total.  On Tuesday, he backed it up with 7th place, 16.16 point race.  These two races should make for a nice jump in the next FIS points list from his current 20.14 points.

Today and tomorrow the guys are racing Giant Slalom at Mont Garceau.  After the first run, Ace Tarberry is tied for first!  Go Ace!

When I started writing, it was snowing nicely.  Now, I look out and see blue sky.  Ugh, c’mon snow.

The first Stowe Ski Bum race was held yesterday on the Exhibition hill under the gondola.  Nelson Riley, who in years past has humbled the field, is out in Aspen, so this year things are up for grabs.  I felt like garbage but was able to ski well ahead of my handicap, helping my team, Broken Toys.

Bolton tomorrow night.

Back to work.


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