Bill Doble, John Graham, Chuck Thorndike, Dave Wolff, Dave Dodge & Leigh Quinn ham it up during the Waterville Valley Masters Camp.

DODGE Ski Boots had a strong showing at the Waterville Valley Masters Camp yesterday.  Camp organizers/coaches Leigh Quinn and Dave Wolff invited us to come over to demo boots.

(In the interest of full disclosure, we have to tell you that Dave & Leigh are both DODGE Ski Boots racers and fans, so they’re somewhat biased toward the boot.)

We had a good number of Masters racers not only see the DODGE boot for the first time, but ski on it and feel the difference from traditional boots. We expect to have at least a few of them come over to the carbon side.

It was great to see other DODGE Ski Boots racers John Graham and Chuck Thorndike at the camp and ripping some great turns.  As you can see, it was quite a gathering to have 6 of us on DODGE boots together at once.

We actually had more racers there, with junior racers Ryann Daley and Andrew Howe also skiing on the DODGE Boot.  We just weren’t able to corral them for the photo.

It was also great to meet WVBBTS CEO Pete Stokloza and have him experience DODGE Ski Boots.  Looks like we have another fan there!  WVBBTS Alpine Program Director Tom Barbeau was ready to ski on the boot, but his bone spurs didn’t cooperate.  However Tom was able to see and try on the boot enough to have a pretty positive impression.

Special thanks to Dave Wolff for putting us up (and putting up with us), for having cold beer in the fridge and for Kim’s lasagna!  You invited us back and told us where the key was Dave.  Big mistake …. we’ll be there!!

Now it’s back to work in the shop.  We have a good number of orders to get out the door!

Stay warm.



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