Hey there! 

A lot of you are enjoying our player profiles so we thought it would be fun to do some with the younger generation of the Dodge Boot Family.  

It’s a nice way to hear some stories from the early adopters and core members of the Dodge Ski Boot Family.  

This week’s player profile is with John Doble.   He talks about feeling the pop on Dodge Ski Boots for the first time, his transition from hockey to skiing, the joy of ripping groomers and growing as as skier.  

:14 Recruited by Dad

:33 Feeling the pop for the first time

1:12  Going from hockey to skiing

2:06 I like a stiff skate and ski boot for control 

3:04  What do you not like about Dodge Boots

3:36  A story about getting better

4:24 What makes for an epic day

Yours in Skiing, 
-The Dodge Boot Family

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