Hey there! 

A lot of you are enjoying our player profiles so we thought it would be fun to do some with the younger generation of the Dodge Boot Family.   It’s a nice way to hear some stories from the early adopters and core members of the Dodge Ski Boot Family.  

Today’s player profile is with Warner Nickerson.  He talks about the first time he tried Dodge Ski Boots, the joy of ripping groomers, and some fun stories on the World Cup. 

:17  The first prototype – immediately, feeling a difference on his first run
2:04  What do you NOT like about Dodge Boots? 
2:33  The love of ripping groomers
2:56  What is your Perfect day? 
3:33  Best Run of all time – corn snow epicness
4:08  Dodge boots changing his career
4:53 Max Blardone freaking out during inspection on the boots

Yours in Skiing, 
The Dodge Boot Family

P.S. Next up is John Doble and David Dodge.