Harald Harb sold a new pair of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots this week and the proud new owner, Geoff Dorst of Dillon, CO had some pretty wonderful things to say after his first day on skis.

I’ll list a few of the excerpts here, but the whole review and commentary can be found on the http://PMTS.org forum.

Geoff said:

  • “like strapping a couple of Porsche 911s to my feet”
  • “Not only do they deliver amazing performance, but they do not require you to have a painful fit in order to get it.”
  • “the boot doesn’t need to be toe-numbing tight to perform”
  • “The heel canal design is ingenious … entering the boot with the liner already in is dead easy.”
  • “I felt like I was getting some of my best turns ever with these boots.”
  • “These boots will go to eleven and have no problem whatsoever with it.”
  • “The Dodge boots dampen the chattering out better than any other boot out there.”
  • “I was holding tighter arcs on steeper stuff than ever before.”

Wow!  Thanks Geoff.  Dave & I will be out there starting mid-November and certainly look forward to meeting you and taking a few runs.


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