Whoo hoo!  Our new, proprietary inner boots have arrived and they are really, really nice.  These have been handcrafted for us by a top calzaturificio in Italy who has been responsible for some of the ski boot industry’s top inner boots.  And, they didn’t hold back on making the DODGE innerboot.

Ours uses the highest quality materials (that most other ski boot marketers have abandoned due to high costs) resulting in a very glove-like fit.  It’s also still made in Italy by people who have been making ski boot liners for many years, where most other manufacture has been moved to Eastern Europe.

The new DODGE scarpetta also features our exclusive elastic-back design to optimize entry with the DODGE heel channel, making it easy and preferable to leave the liner in the boot rather than removing it each time you put the boot on or off.

The footbed is nicely sculpted and provides one of the best feels of anything shy of a custom orthotic.

Testing in New Zealand has shown the new liner/inner boot to be really comfortable, high performance and all around better than anything we’ve tried.  We’re proud to feature it in this year’s DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.

Best of all, the new DODGE innerboot is compatible with many other popular ski boots for anyone looking to replace those worn out innerboots.  Talk to PJ, Jim Schaffner, Harald Harb, Greg Hoffman or contact me for more information.

So, that’s today’s sales pitch.  Now I’ve gotta run to deliver some scarpetta to a speed skier headed to Chile this weekend.

If the shoe fits …


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