Warren Witherell paid a visit yesterday afternoon to check out how DODGE carbon fiber ski boots are made and share thoughts on skiing, sports and more.  I’ve known Warren since I was a J3 and Dave’s known him even longer, but it’s always fascinating for me to learn more about people than what is found on the surface.

Warren has his fans and his detractors, certainly in no small part due to his outspokenness and willingness to challenge the norm.  But, like him or not, you have to respect his contributions to skiing and how his drive pushed even his critics to improve their game.

And, pushing (or being pushed) outside one’s comfort zone or the norm is how we all improve, isn’t it?

That’s something Dave & I embrace every day.  We think the DODGE Ski Boot pushes outside the norm for boots.  And we’re really having fun learning how to change the game.

Well, it’s too nice a day to be on the computer.  Gotta “get outside the box” and do some yard work.

Push yourself.


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