The new DODGE Ski Boots liner arrived yesterday and they look (and feel) GREAT!

We’ve been working with a “calzaturificio” to make liners specially for DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.  We chose a style familiar to most racers, using a hand-lasted, lace-up style that feels like a boxing shoe.

The first, most visible distinction from other liners is the expandable heel track designed to work with the DODGE heel track for ease of entry.  We did this to make it easy to get the boots on without having to remove the liners from the boots.  For this reason, we don’t use laces, but we’ve included lace loops for those who must have them.

The material used surrounding the foot is very pliable and form fitting.  At first, it feels pretty snug, but after having it on for a little while, the “scarpetta” stretches like a fine Italian loafer, giving a nice even hug all over your foot.

Dave tried it on yesterday and said it was the most comfortable inner boot he’s ever had on his foot.  I agree and can hardly wait to have it on snow.

While it’s made for a DODGE boot, it will also work well with typical “plug” boots and, while it is very similar to their liners, we think the DODGE provides a better fit and feel, making it a good option for a replacement liner.  (Though we’d rather have people in the whole DODGE boot, of course!)

Stay tuned for more as we gear up for next year!


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