The phone rings and it’s Warner.

“Hey, do you have a fourth for your team in the golf tournament tomorrow?”

“No, Warner. Just add anyone who you think can put up with us, ” I respond.  “I’m just picking up your photos from Costco,” I add.

“Costco. Really? Hey, can you pick me up some socks? I really need some.”

“What?” I ask.

“Yeah, I really like these special socks and I haven’t been to a Costco for three years and I need some.  Can you get me some?  Please?”

The puppy dog “Please” worked like a charm, so I promised Warner I’d look when I got into the store.

Sure enough, they had the socks he wanted. So I called him back.

“Warner.  It’s Bill.  They have the socks.  They have white and also some mixed colors.  What do you want?”

“AWESOME!  Can you get me mostly white and some of the mixed, please?  And, I’d like about 60 pair.”

“WHAT?????  Did you say ’60 pair’?”

“Yeah, I told you I haven’t been to Costco for 3 years and I need to re-supply.”

“Okay, I’ll get `em for you but this is gonna cost you soooooo big time.”

“Yeah, I know but it’s worth it.”

The payback hasn’t even begun.

More to come.


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