No matter how hard you try, sometimes your kids rebel and follow the beat of their own drummer. That happened here at DODGE Ski Boots today.

We’ve always said we wanted to make the best ski racing boot possible.  And, with the number of boots already on racers’ feet and the increased number of racers asking for the boot, we think we’re onto something.  So you’d think we’d done a pretty good job of teaching our “children” about the virtues of alpine ski racing.

But, one pair of 255s has taken it into its carbon fiber mind to be different.  It doesn’t want to follow the path of  its brethren and kick butt on injected courses.  No, this pair wants to … freestyle.  You read it right, this pair of boots is thinking rails, big air, and all kinds of unmentionables.

What can we do?

The only thing we can think of is to place our “baby” on some trusting feet and let `em boogie.  Racer/freestyler extraordinaire Nelson Riley is coaching at the Woodward Camp at Copper Mountain this month and will be teaching the DODGE Ski Boots how to freestyle.

Nelson promised to keep us updated and we’ll do the same.


Next thing you know, a pair will want to ski out-of-bounds and have lugged soles like Alpine Touring boots!

Teach your children well.


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