Okay, I’m admittedly an early morning person, (I start tossing and turning at 3:30 in summer and 4:30 or 5 in winter,) so this time change is really a killer.  I started tossing and turning at 3 am but was good today and didn’t get up until the “new” 6 am when it was already light.  Feels like a hangover!  Might have to take a nap during the Abu Dhabi race (which comes on in a few minutes.)

What’s with this weather?  Went to Costco yesterday and it was 68 degrees!  Colder in Talledega, Alabama.

Neighbor cutting grass yesterday with his $6,000 zero turn mower.  Taking my mower off the tractor today and putting the snowplow and chains on it.

But, only AFTER Dave and I work on putting together some Dodge Ski Boots!

Have a good one.


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