Looking forward to making some runs on my new Dodge Ski Boots and renewing some acquaintances.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been a regular at Stowe.  Gonna have to wait for a day or 2 though,`cause I’m committed to curling on Sunday.

Dave & I are looking forward to having snow here so we can get all of you who’ve been asking for the boot on it.

Still concerned about it being so warm.  Crossing fingers for the snowmakers (human and otherwise).

Anyone remember the days when we thought we were lucky to ski before Christmas?  Snowmaking?  What was that?  And rock skis.  Always used the previous year’s skis that were worn out so we didn’t wreck our new skis.

Sorry for the nostalgia.  Just going crazy thinking of snow.

Let us know how your first turns are.


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