The 2014 Stowe Whirled Cup season (aka Stow Ski Bum series) started today with actual World Cup injected snow conditions!

The course was set pretty fast and straight and, with a fast time of 23.96 seconds, it ran about 2 seconds faster than usual.

And the snow was HARD!

Team DODGE Ski Boots took a nice strategic 3rd place finish, which is great for the ever-important season standings to qualify for the finals.  Dave Dodge skied well and close to his handicap, with John Giebink skiing ahead of his handicap, while this writer took advantage of the first race of the season and skied quite slower than his handicap.  (Mentor Bob Burley should be proud as the first few races are the time to ski slowly and re-set personal handicaps.  So, I did my part!)

The ski surface at Stowe’s Little Spruce are great for boot testing, so we expect to be back there tomorrow to do some tests on new materials.

Ski fast and take chances!


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