This is a guest blog by me, Warner Nickerson, btw.

First off, I’d like to thank Bill and Dave for giving me the ability to blog at my leisure on the Dodge Ski Boots website.  I can’t wait to put up ridiculous things :-)!  Anyway, you’re probably thinking this is going to be a blog dedicated to the complete domination of Dodge ski racers in Aspen, but unfortunately, Team Dodge Athletes didn’t have such an awesome day.

Charles Christianson is dealing with back pain at his tender age of 27 and ended up blowing out on the final pitch first run.  He has been sitting with me pretty much all day trying to figure out whether or not he’ll still be in the first group tomorrow.  He seems to think he’s still in it!  Nice.  Good job Charles!  As for me, I didn’t even race because I’m still trying to figure out why my back is super tight, my left leg is numb, and randomly twitching.  And our young crown jewel, Ty Sprock came up just short of qualifying for second run when he finished 63rd in his first Nor-Am GS of his career.

However, the true winners today are Bill and Dave.  They’ve put in a full day of retail skiing and selling and are now off to Aspen Highlands to continue a discussion about putting Dodge Ski Boots in the most prestigious ski town in America, Aspen.





Look at em, they’re totally crushing.

Keep crushing it fellaz!!!  Charles is cooking chicken pasta tonight so don’t be home too late!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for the races.

Cheers from Aspen, w

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