Where I'm From:

Ottawa, Canada

Where I Like To Ski:

Mont Tremblant

I've Owned My Dodge Ski Boots For:

4 years or longer

How Many Pairs I've Owned:


What First Attracted Me To Dodge Ski Boots:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Recommended by a friend - Used by top skiers - Technology

What Helped Me Make The Final Decision To Purchase:

Performance - Recommended by a friend - Used by top skiers

What I Like Best About My Dodge Ski Boots:

The fact that when you put your ski on edge (on hard pack or ice) you have the feeling that the boot is pressing or glueing your edge to the snow surface - almost zero chatter! THe connection with the edge is so direct.

What I Like Least About My Dodge Ski Boots:

Cannot put a foam liner in. I used foam liners for 30 years previously, having some major foot issues. The Dodge liners are actually pretty comfortable but perhaps not as resilient as they might be.

What About The Boot I Would Recommend To A Friend:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Feel - Custom Fitting - Customer Service - Satisfaction Guarantee

What I Would Tell Someone Considering A Purchase Of Dodge Ski Boots:

Remember or imagine changing from leather to plastic boots (way back around 1970). Dodge boots are a more radical change, compared to normal high performance boots, than the switch from leather to plastic was.

If I could define Dodge in one word:

Fabulous, Inspirational

How It Is To Deal With People At Dodge Ski Boots:

Great, I love them!

What It's Like To Ski In A Dodge Ski Boot:

Unbelievably great!

How It's Different Than A "Rubber" Boot:

So precise, light, and smooth (low or no vibration).

Would I Purchase Another Pair?:


Why/Why Not?:

The excellent performance - so superior to other boots that it would be hard to go back to ordinary ones.

Precision Rating:

Power Rating:

Feel Rating:

Comfort Rating:

Warmth Rating:

Appearance Rating:

Quality Rating:

Durability Rating:

Fit Rating:

Pricing Value:

Skiing Enjoyment:

Overall Rating: