Where I'm From:

Corpus Christi, TX

Where I Like To Ski:

Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon and lately Vermont

I've Owned My Dodge Ski Boots For:

1 to 2 years

How Many Pairs I've Owned:


What First Attracted Me To Dodge Ski Boots:

Light weight

What Helped Me Make The Final Decision To Purchase:

Light weight

What I Like Best About My Dodge Ski Boots:

Light weight, stiffness and well molded to my foot.

What I Like Least About My Dodge Ski Boots:

They are not inexpensive.

What About The Boot I Would Recommend To A Friend:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Comfort - Custom Fitting - Customer Service - Satisfaction Guarantee

What I Would Tell Someone Considering A Purchase Of Dodge Ski Boots:

The Dodge ski boot is a top-line product, made for a discerning skier. It offers superb performance, incredibly low weight and is backed by a great team driven by high standards and quality. It is not inexpensive but it is worth every penny. It will improve your skiing ability and the amount of time you can spend on the slopes without fatigue.

If I could define Dodge in one word:


What I Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

Provides a true custom fit

What I Don't Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

I am old fashioned. No matter how advanced the technology, I like the expert custom fit of the craftsman who makes the boot. The

How It Is To Deal With People At Dodge Ski Boots:

Great, I love them!

What It's Like To Ski In A Dodge Ski Boot:

Unbelievably great!

How It's Different Than A "Rubber" Boot:

It weighs about half as much as my old Salomon boots, it does not become a steel block when you try to slide them on in cold weather, they are stiff and transmit feet movement to the ski extremely well, particularly at high speed and in steep terrain, yet they are extremely comfortable.

Would I Purchase Another Pair?:


Why/Why Not?:

Although I would like for my current pair to last forever, I realize that everything has a finite existence. When their existence will end, I absolutely purchase another pair if I would still have the funds and the ability to ski.

Precision Rating:

Power Rating:

Feel Rating:

Comfort Rating:

Warmth Rating:

Appearance Rating:

Quality Rating:

Durability Rating:

Fit Rating:

Pricing Value:

Skiing Enjoyment:

Overall Rating: