It’s mid-July so it’s time to start planning for the ski season.   However, these challenging times make visiting any kind of store a risk.  It’s especially concerning if you are considering new ski boots with any custom fitting.  
At Dodge, we’ve been perfecting the world’s most advanced remote fitting system for over 5 years and have skiers all over the world sharing with us that their Dodge Ski Boots are the best fitting boots they’ve ever owned.
That’s why now more than ever, you should use the industry-exclusive Dodge Ski Boots 3D Remote Fitting System to get the best performing, most custom-fit ski boots in the world, all from the safety and convenience of your living room.
Today, many of our new customers are expressing how relieved they are to get great fitting boots without risking their health.   Not to mention, there is something spectacular about getting fired up for the season with new gear.  
If you’re thinking about new boots and haven’t done a Dodge Fitting Assessment, take a few moments to download our 3D Fitting App and complete the Fitting Questionnaire.  All you need is a smartphone and something to measure your calf circumference.   We’ll provide you with a free fitting assessment so you can see how your Dodge Ski Boots will be customized and set up just for you.  
All the Best, 
Bill and Dave
P.S. Since the demand was so high last year that we sold out of most sizes by early November, we’ll prioritize your order (and any special considerations) if you submit a completed Fit Kits by August 15, 2020.  We’re already seeing a huge increase in customers this summer and it’s looking like we’ll be sold out early again this year, so don’t wait.  Get your Free Fit Kit in today to make sure you’re not left out in the cold!
P.P.S Please feel free to share this with a friend or family member who might be considering new boots that is thoughtful about social distancing.  Thanks!