Okay, a strange title, but here it is.

Yesterday not one, but two pairs of Dodge Ski Boots went out as part of our updated beta program.  These are not giveaways.  These are people digging into their pockets because they believe the Dodge is a better boot.  Thanks guys, and kick ass.

We expect at least a few other people to step up in the couple of days so the number of boots left in the beta program is dwindling.  Here’s the sales pitch:  If you think you want `em, better get moving now, `cause there might not be any left soon.

Dave & I will be at UVM Carnival tomorrow as there are some racers who want to test boots.  Look for us.

Busy as we’re also getting ready to go to ISPO in Munich and then to visit suppliers in Italy next week.  I’ll try to update from there, though it might be a little choppy if I do it via Twitter.  We’ll see.

Sorry to rush, but we have a bunch of boots to finish before we go.

Ski fast.


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