• Back in BTV. Favorite son picked us up. Life is good. #
  • On the ground in Chicago. Next stop Burlington. #
  • Dave's mileage status upgrades to Business. Nice. Feel like Prince William traveling with King David of Dodge. #
  • Denver Airport. Looking forward to John's homemade pasta for late Easter dinner. Anxious to see Bonnie, Ellen & John. I'm a lucky guy. #
  • What could be better? Speed Channel in hotel. Malaysia Formula One race. Plenty of time to sleep on plane. Hahaha. #
  • Denver Airport Holiday Inn Final stop on the C-to-C 1200 Trip. Fantastic trip with great response and early order interest. Will recap later #
  • Wow! Fabulous day oz skIing w/Harald Harb at Loveland. Cold, snowing, windy but made quite a few runs. Tired from skiing at 12,000 feet. #
  • On the way to Loveland to demo Dodgeskiboots with Harald Harb. Think we'll actually ski today. Last day of the C to C 1200 Trip. #
  • Also thanks to Dan Stripp. Super feedback on Dodge Ski Boot. So nice to see Sarah McNealus Radamus after many years.It is a small world! #
  • Great day at Vail! Super meeting early w/Greg Hoffman & crew. Incredible hospitality from Aldo Radamus & SSCV. Great response.Thank you Aldo #
  • http://znl.me/PE62OY Dave finally gets captured in a photo as he gets ready to test his Dodge Ski Boots at Vail. #
  • Just finished with Greg Hoffman in Vail. On way to Ski Club Vail. #
  • Made it to Vail. Glad we weren't going further East 'cause I-70 is closed from a 50 car pile up due to ice. We can walk to Moondawg's Vail. #
  • http://znl.me/PVD821 I-70 East of Glennwood Springs. Not too long to Vail. #
  • http://znl.me/PYI4XJ First time we've seen the sun in 4 days. Rifle CO. #
  • http://znl.me/PP3U4L North of Rifle CO. Getting there. At least the roads are finally clear. #
  • Spoke too soon. Snowing like mad somewhere SE of Rangley CO. Taking it easy. Better now.Now bad. Gotta love Colorado's weather. #
  • Spoke too soon. Snowing like mad somewhere SE of Rangley CO. Taking it easy. Better now. #
  • Spoke too soon. Snowing like mad somewhere SE of Rangley CO. Taking it easy. #
  • Just past halfway from Park City to Vail passing thru Dinosaur CO. Nothing moving. Still no sun but roads ok. #
  • Snow in passes so taking long way to Vail. Leave after we see JF Lanvers. Still snowing. Will be a long drive. Way to go Warner at Stowe GS. #
  • Nice visit with Rob Clayton, long-time friend from Stratton days and now Head of School at Winter Sports School at Park City. Check it out. #
  • Back at hotel after skiing The Canyons. Lots of new snow and still falling. Tomorrow will be a nice powder day. We drive to Vail at 10.Sucks #
  • Congratulations to Warner Nickerson on 2nd at Killington Eastern Cup SL. Strong field. Great result. Go DTL Team and Team DodgeSkiBoots. #
  • Just (finally) took first run at The Canyons after 3 lifts, changing in car, and more.Not worth it so having coffee waiting for our meeting. #
  • http://znl.me/PSVZVX Snowing in Park City. Will test boots later. #
  • Congrats Warner on your Killington slalom result. #
  • Busy day at Park City. On-snow demos with race and retail. Good snow up top but warm and corn down low. Storm blowing in so blah visibility #
  • Halfway on our trip from Tahoe to Salt Lake City. 4 hours to go. Decided I don't care for desert. Truck stop sandwich for lunch. Feel sick. #
  • http://znl.me/PYMGPN A pack of wild tumbleweeds attacked us just west of Winnemucca. #
  • http://znl.me/PJTP64 And it gets worse! Now it's getting into the car! You can taste it. It tastes salty. Hello Bonneville! #
  • http://znl.me/PFVHNL Dust across the desert. It's like fog. #
  • http://znl.me/PO4R4J Nevada dust just east of Reno on Interstate 80. #
  • http://znl.me/PHPNAC Chad Hedlund had a good test this morning at Northstar. #
  • http://znl.me/PDI74B "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!" Northstar-at-Tahoe gondola takes guests to the Ritz-Carlton up on the mount. Whoa! #
  • Day One recap. Successful tests. Lots of Sugar Bowl racers like Dodge boot. Starthaus will have the boot. On to Park City today. #
  • http://znl.me/PJZ2S1 From top of Sugar Bowl. #
  • http://znl.me/P9DYJY 'Nuf said. #
  • http://znl.me/PY750K If you look really closely you can see the tunnel for the railroad. We heard or saw at least 4 trains today. #
  • http://znl.me/P6I57B Looking toward Donner Lake from road at top of Sugar Bowl. #
  • http://znl.me/PGR276 Donner Lake. #

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