• http://znl.me/P1CN8C Dave surveys the training scene at Vail. He approves. #
  • http://znl.me/P5JF6G Beautiful day on the race hill at Vail. Great training. Thanks Aldo for your hospitality. #
  • Arrived at Harb's in Dumont. Yeah! #
  • http://znl.me/PM6CQI See Denver.60 miles. #
  • http://znl.me/PGLX69 Denver 130 miles. #
  • Prairie. How different from Nebraska #
  • Colorado #
  • North Platte for the night. Raining but a little snow forecast. Colorado tomorrow. #
  • Passed under the Kearney archway. Not much to see in the dark. Raining now. Less than 100 miles 'til we stop. #
  • Hey Trooper Pelster. Know you're just doing your job and you're a nice guy. Hope you're reading the blog. #
  • Dipwads. #
  • Dave gets a warning for following too closely, which was bull. But it was an excuse to stop many cars and do random checks. Thanks Nebraska #
  • Viewing shoulder of highway courtesy of Nebraska Highway Patrol. Didn't like Dave following too close to a cattle truck. #
  • Omaha and still going. Next stop Kearney. #
  • Iowa #
  • Joliet. Thought I saw Jake and Elwood. #
  • Des Moines 317 miles. Heck, that ain't norhin'! Be there for late lunch. #
  • Outta Indiana. Good riddance (apologies to Stephen). Let's hope Illinois is better. #
  • The Indiana Toll Commission should be shot for their brilliant idea of having ATM toll booths that don't work. What an assine system. #
  • Could be getting tense. Dave tried to grab my half of the last cookie. #
  • Bonnie made us a bunch of really good road cookies. But she put 5 in each baggie. Dave and I must fight over 5th cookie. Was this planned? #
  • On the road for 2 hours. Somewhere between South Bend and Gary,IN. Sunny. Easy drive so far. Will push to Nebraska. #
  • West of Cleveland. Stopped for dinner. Then we'll head to Toledo and find a room for the night. I'm done driving. Dave's turn next. #
  • Closing in on Buffalo. Sunny. Boring. Can hardly wait for Nebraska. #
  • http://znl.me/PKDOF0 Fultonville NY. noon. On the NY Thruway. Next stop somewhere in PA or Ohio. #
  • http://znl.me/PFS6LW Road trip. Pick up Dave. Then headed West. #

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