• http://znl.me/PT5CBL Waiting for start of Nor-Am SL. Sun feels good. #
  • Shaping up to be gorgeous at Loveland for Nor-Am SL. Good snow, fast course. Snow holding off. Hopefully will stay good for drive to Aspen. #
  • Sunny. Good snow and COLD @Vail. Set up Dane Spencer w/ new "coaching" boots. Coffee then back out on hill. #
  • Winter Park w/ UVM. Snow. Cold. Up at 5:45 AM to get here. Don't you just love ski racing? #
  • http://znl.me/PMHZ5A Bill and Dave at Vail for Dodge Ski Boots. #
  • Great follow-up session with Harald Harb. Brought Warner with us. #
  • http://znl.me/P7CMP5 Dinner. Taco salad. Yum! Great day. Details to come. #

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