Good day getting a lot of things done in anticipation of doing a little sliding tomorrow.

Cleaned up my wife’s Volvo to get ready to sell.  She has one that’s new-to-her sitting in the driveway, but she can’t drive it until we sell the old one.  Hopefully someone will see it on Craigslist and love it.

Had a great conversation with Gerard Rubaud today. For those who don’t know him, he started in the business back in the mid-`60’s as the seed of Rossignol’s race department, working with stars like Killy, Perillat, and Richmond, Vermont’s own Barbara Ann Cochran.  In the `70s he came to Vermont and was head of Rossignol USA for a period.  Today, if you want some really fine bread look for “Gerards”.

Nice talk with my son today.  He’s getting ready for final exams. Back home at the end of the week.  Daughter Ellen is here for the weekend and doing a great job helping her mother with Christmas decorating.

Back at it tomorrow, as Dave gets back from his overseas travels late tonight.  I knew he’d be jealous of me already skiing on the Dodge Ski Boot, so I’m sure he’s gonna try to (and probably will) ski me into the ground.  Good test for the boots.

Ellen told me of someone saying “Be good” as their sign-off, and I decided I would try one.  So here it is:

Keep breathing!


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