Yesterday dawned as one of those bluebird days that makes us Eastern skiers jealous of the West. Temps in the teens at dawn, but plenty warm during the day.  Brilliant sun (must get more sunscreen and lip balm this morning) coupled with no wind to make it delightful.  And, the condition of the Vail racing arena is unsurpassed!  Kudos again to Aldo Radamus and the entire Ski Club Vail crew for their work.

Lots of teams training with 4 training sessions and at least 7 training lanes going full steam.  But with all those racers, by the end of the day, the free skiing lanes are pretty slick.

Spent time with the Dartmouth College team and feeling good about timed SL runs.  More today with GS.  The set-ups we’ve learned to make on the DODGE carbon fiber boot are working well and we like what we see in slalom.

Had a nice dinner with DODGE Ski Boot racer Ty Sprock, his dad Pete and mom Juli. Great to catch up with them and even better when it’s not during race day chaos.  What a nice family!  Thanks for having us.

We’re back at Vail today, so if any coaches or racers want to get on the boot, give me a shout.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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