The Zagreb WC Slalom starts in a few minutes.

In the meantime …

Had a nice phone conversation with Duffy a couple of nights ago, who reminded me I need to get cracking to get his boots made and to him for the Masters Series.  Dave & I are working on them today, Duffy.  You’ll have them soon, (unless someone buys them first!)

First Stowe Ski Bum race of the season yesterday.  I made it down without too much embarrassment.  I guess the key is to improve each week.  Will let you know how the “reclamation project” is going.

Dave had a nice run and his team (Broken Toys) fared well enough to place fifth.  Not bad.

Good interest in boots on the hill yesterday.  For everyone who has been waiting, PJ will have more boots shortly along with our special boot press for those who have really funky bone spurs.

Well, gotta go, the race is starting.


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