I can’t believe it but by 5 PM today we had completed all the boots we were planning to make before our great road trip, which starts on Monday.  Granted we still have to box many of them up, but they’re done.  Hurray!

And, even better, I finished (I think) with the ankle punches I needed to do on my boots as did Dave on the heel punch he needed for his boots. Yea baby!  And, (like the commercial says), there’s more.  We even did some buckle trade-outs on our personal boots (we’re testing some new buckles we may be integrating into production boots later this year.)

So, all-in-all, we’re 2 days ahead of where we thought/hoped we might be.  That is freaking awesome!

Tomorrow we have a visit from a terrific Canadian junior racer who’s been on the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot since last Spring.  Chris’ dad emailed and said they wanted to visit and do a little boot punching, so they’ll be here in the morning. Looking forward to it.

Dropped off Meg’s boots at UVM this morning so she’ll be set for the trip West on Sunday with Johnny and Nordy.  See you out there!

Looking forward to catching up with Charles, Ace, Max, Warner, Ty, Donny, Dan, Sabrina and everyone else when we get out to Colorado next week.  It’ll be super to spend some time tweaking boots and taking them to the next level.

If you’re gonna be in the Loveland/Vail area between November 19 and December 5th and want to try some DODGE Ski Boots, please send me an email ([email protected]). We’ll have some boots for trial and also for sale, but you’ll have to speak up soon, `cause we have lots of demand.  And, we’re gonna take a break to ski so the supply will dry up soon.

I’ll try to update some more over the weekend, then it’s Twitter-time from the car.


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