“Welcome back to Chairlift Chats”

Hope all of you are getting plenty of time on snow!!   We are having a solid season at Stowe.  

Check out this week’s chairlift chat with Legendary American downhiller, Marco Sullivan. He’s spent 17 years on the U.S. Ski Team and raced 105 World Cup downhills – most any American man.

When he was coming up he didn’t want a personal website like marcosullivan.com so instead, he picked AmericanDownhiller.com. Then fast forward to the middle of his career, the American downhill team embraced the name American Downhiller and it has brought together multiple generations of American downhillers.   

Today he runs ski camps for kids to help them with speed fundamentals staffed with former and current World Cup and Olympic American downhillers. It’s a cool story and he’s doing a ton for the youth of our sport by having these camps.

Check out the video below!  

– Dodge Ski Boot Team

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