JakeJacobs,6-4-13 Jake Jacob’s Dodge carbon fiber ski boots visited the shop today for a pre-summer tune up.

First, I want to really complement Jake on the way he took care of his boots.  With over 150 days and 50 races, his Dodge Boots needed only a new set of sole plates, a couple of buckles and some new power straps to make them look brand new.  Way to go Jake!

On the other hand, when we looked inside, we found some really skanky ski socks that stunk something fierce.  With only a little deliberation, we determined it was best to send the socks back to Glens Falls attached to dad John Jacobs’ bike rack. The boots rode inside the car.


We were really glad to see John Jacobs, a long-time friend, ex-racer and owner of Reliable Racing Supply Company, as well as father of Dodge Ski Boots racer Jake Jacobs.

Great to swap lies, a have a little home brew at Moondawg’s before he headed back to Glens Falls with Jake’s boots.

By the way, look for demos of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots at the Reliable Racing store at Mt. Hood this summer.  More information to follow.

Enjoy the weather.



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