Mansfield looked wintery today

Mansfield looked wintery today

After this morning’s snow squalls passed, the sun came out and Mansfield was looking great.  Forecasts call for real wintery mess tomorrow, so those people who were skiing today had a great day for it.

Saw a bunch of Vermont salt trucks with new salt brine tanks yesterday.  They were pre-emptively spraying down a layer of the mixture on the road and it seemed to me this morning like it was working pretty well.  Certainly better than spreading rock salt crystals where half of it bounces off the road.

Plan to do some more boot testing tomorrow in the morning (after playing 6 AM hockey).  Gotta get my legs under me before Dave gets back.  (He’s overseas working with one of our vendors to make sure some components are up to snuff and hasn’t been on skis yet.)  Sorry Dave, but I gotta do it.

Getting word that a good number of people are looking for the boot.  Might have to sell young David’s boots and make him wait for a pair.  Whaddya think?  For that matter, while he’s gone, maybe I should sell Dave’s!

Be careful driving.  There’s a lot of idiots out there.


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