DODGE Ski Boots were really well represented at the Panorama, B.C. Nor-Am GS yesterday, with three finishers in the Top 10.

Leading the charge was Charles Christianson, finishing 2nd with a career-best 16.23 point race.  This should really jump his standings on the next point list.  More than that, Charles is leading the GS standings of skiers currently skiing on the Nor-Am circuit.  Charles has really found his groove on the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot and is putting it to good use.

Charles is another racer who is showing the prowess of  ex-college skiers. Charles is a Williams College graduate.  Watch for him throughout the season.

Ace Tarberry had another terrific day, finishing 4th with his own career-best 17.74 point race.  Coupled with his 5th and 9th place Super G finishes at Panorama, Ace is moving up the Nor-Am Cup standings.

Ace is a four event skier so expect to see his DODGE Ski Boots on lots of race courses.

Max Hammer had a good day at Panorama, too, with a solid 10th place, 22.81 FIS point finish in the GS.  Max started skiing on his DODGE boots in New Zealand this summer and, after taking last winter off, is getting back up to form.  Look for more from Max through the winter.

It’s almost unbelievable that DODGE Ski Boots are getting such results in such a short time.  Last year at this time, we were still trying to finish making the first pair of production boots!  And, the first significant race result was Warner’s 2nd place finish at the final Nor-Am GS in mid-March of this past season!

Now, we have racers getting results on the World Cup, Europa Cup, Nor-Am Cup, Australia-New Zealand Cup, Masters series, Eastern Cup, J1s, J2s and J3s.  The great thing to see is how so many racers try the DODGE boot and are able to be so much faster in only a few runs.  Those racers with an eye for a straighter, faster line benefit right away … there’s not a lengthy learning period.

Time to make more boots for racers who want to go faster.


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