Had a nice note from Harald Harb over the weekend.  He’s one of our bootfitters for the DODGE carbon ski boot next year, located in Dumont, CO.

Harald’s been doing some testing for us and had this to say.

“I skied on the boots this week, then I switched back to my (old) boots, I couldn’t find an edge. Wow, tell people if they aren’t going to buy Dodge boots; not to  try the Dodge boot because they will be severely disappointed when they go back to their regular boots. You can quote me.”

Thanks Harald.

BTW.  Have you seen the videos from Jon Olsson’s Super Sessions.  Great Stuff. Check them out. http://www.jon-olsson.com/?cat=1.  For those who don’t know, Jon is an incredible freestyle skier who, on a bet with Jens Byggmark, returned to Alpine racing in the `07-08 season after a 5+ year layoff.  He won the NorAm GS title this year, was 6th in the US Nationals GS and then went back to Sweden to do the Super Sessions. The guy can ski.

Molding some parts tomorrow.

Take lots of chances.


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