I hope you all had a good and safe New Year’s celebration.

It has been a whirlwind for us since Friday morning and I realized I needed to provide an update.

J4s at Dartmouth Skiway

Dave & I were invited by Ford Sayre coach Chan Morgan to have some young racers test the DODGE Ski Boot.  Chan had tested the boot at Loveland in November and it blew away all the mis-truths he’d been hearing about how the boot was supposedly too aggressive and too stiff for anyone other than a World Cup racer.  At Chan’s invitation we arrived at the Dartmouth Skiway on Friday and had three J4 racers on the DODGE Boot.  We had them on 24.5s and 26.5s we had softened to a 115 flex.  Now, these are kids who weigh less than 100 pounds are whose own boots are about 70 flex or less.

The results were mind-blowing!

Each of the 3 kids instantly improved their skiing in such a dramatic manner that Chan & I were laughing hysterically with delight.  They were making the ski arc and turn in ways that were awesome.  Each kid was able to feel confident in putting the ski way out from underneath them and snap off turns with precision and power. They commented on how the light weight of the DODGE boot felt so much better and how they were able to get more power with less effort.

So, is the DODGE Boot to stiff or aggressive for younger, smaller skiers?  Chan Morgan doesn’t think so.  Ask him.

Coaches, we’d be happy to arrange a test with your racers so you can see for yourself.  Contact me.

J1/2s at COCHRAN’S

After seeing how the Ford Sayre J4s were ripping it on DODGE boots Friday morning, we headed back up Interstate 89 to Cochran’s Ski Area for their First Annual J1/J2 Night Slalom.  Long-time readers know how I’m a HUGE fan of Cochran’s and Friday’s event only reinforced that.  With over 200 entrants it was a like a big party.  And the boys first seed was kinda stacked with USST members and Nor-Am racers, (we’re talking about a race with a 15 point handicap!).  Very reminiscent of the old Secret Race days at West Mountain.

DODGE Ski Boots were well represented by WVBBTS’ Ryann Daley in the girls’ race and Cochran’s own Cody Putre and coach Elliott Wilkinson-Ray in the boys’ race.  Another DODGE Ski Boot racer, Colby Lane from Team Geronimo in Aspen, was on the start list but didn’t make the race.

Good job by Bobby Farrell to keep it from being a Cochran sweep of the boys’ podium.

We’re looking forward to next year’s race already.

Hat trick of boots at Jay Peak

Saturday I received a phone call from a guy at Jay Peak who had read about DODGE Ski Boots in Vermont Ski & Ride Magazine and wanted to stop by the shop to check them out.  He arrived a couple of hours later with his wife, son, daughter & daughter’s boyfriend.  As with anyone who visits, I showed the boots, how they’re made and let them try them on.  They were impressed by the comfortable fit, light weight and progressive flex.  Imagine how I felt when they informed me they wanted to purchase 3 pairs of DODGE Ski Boots!  I checked alignments, adjusted the flexes for each, prepped the sole lugs for binding compatibility, and the boots were ready for them when they returned from lunch in Burlington on their way back to Jay.  Thank you McBride family!

Young (at heart) racers at Waterville

Tomorrow we’re off to Waterville Valley for Leigh Quinn and Dave Wolff’s Masters Camp.  We’re looking forward to it and hope the snow is good and hard.  Anyone wanting to try the DODGE boots while we’re there should contact me.

Here’s to a great 2012.



  1. Happy New Year and thank you Bill and Dave for bringing your boots and adding a very interesting dimension to our training day at the Dartmouth Skiway last Friday. It is true that 95 – 115 lbs J4’s were able to ski the DODGE boot comfortably. Two in particular achieved previously unattainable strong edge platform at the top of the turn which allowed them to move dynamically through the turn for the first time. They both had a-ha moments and the carry over back to their normal equipment was noticable the next day to a coach who was not with us on Friday. The DODGE boot expanded these kids’ frame of reference and allowed them to feel sensations that they apparenly liked and are coninuing to seek. I’d urge other coaches to try this with kids who are ready to make a break through. Thanks again and I hope we can do it again. Chan

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