*Boots available only factory direct from Dodge to ensure ultimate fit and match

Send us your feet and get a Free Fitting Assessment using Dodge’s Remote Fitting SystemTM

We custom fit every pair of Dodge Ski Boots for the individual skier so you will have the best possible boot for your particular needs. Our promise to you is that our boots will be the best you’ve ever skied. It all starts with our Free Fitting Assessment. There is no obligation, so what have you got to lose?

Just ask any of our customers in Scandinavia, Europe, Hawaii, Asia, Canada and across the United States who have had great success using our Remote Fitting System to have their DODGE carbon fiber boots fit.

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With just one hour of your time, you can have the most custom-fit ski boot in the world. Without leaving home!

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Our new, industry-exclusive Digital Fitting SystemTM uses your smartphone to create a 3D scan of your foot.

We then use that 3D model, along with information you provide on our Fitting Questionnaire, to determine the proper boot shell length and width; liner size and volume; where punches or added padding are needed, flex and even alignment so you can get the best fit possible.

Get fit by the same people that designed and created the boot and the fitting system. Most of the time we are able to get everything on the initial fit, but if your boots need additional work, they can be round-tripped to our factory for adjustments and back to you in less than 5 days.

  1. Install the free App from the Apple Store or Google Play.
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  2. Follow instructions on the App to create 3D scan of your feet. Be sure to note your scanning code.
  3. Complete the online Fitting Questionnaire. Include notes of any problem spots.
  4. We'll email you with your Fitting Assessment.
After completing the 3D Fitting app and Fitting Questionnaire, you can place your order and have the choice of having us send your new custom fit Dodge Ski Boots or schedule an appointment for an-instore final fitting session.
Not sure about purchasing a boot you've never tried? Our MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE gives you 30 days to try the boots and, if you're not satisfied, return them for a full refund of the purchase price (less processing, shipping and fitting charges.)

We work with you to determine the Dodge Boot that best fits your needs.

After we receive your Remote Fitting System, we’ll look it over, maybe ask you a few questions and then, together, we’ll determine which Dodge Boot will best fit your needs. And, we won’t try to sell you something that isn’t right for you. For each size Dodge Boot, there are 2 liner volumes, 2 liner lengths, 2 widths, 2 tongue thicknesses, 11 flexes, 11 forward lean settings, 14 lateral cuff alignment settings and 7 boot punching options. So, unlike any store, we can find the possibility that is right for you.

Get the free App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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