How much do they cost?

Dodge Ski Boots are $1195, which includes fitting and our industry-exclusive 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Where can I buy Dodge Boots?

Dodge Ski Boots are available exclusively factory-direct and not available in stores.

What are the advantages?

Dodge Boot advantages include lighter weight; Consistent flex, no matter the temperature; unique combination of power, comfort and feel.

Do you have any racers on them?

Dodge Boots have been on racers’ feet at all levels, from World Cup to beer league and junior racers. We have many Masters racers purchasing Dodge Boots. We made a deliberate decision not to “chase” racers with free boots like most other boot companies.

Why not in stores?

We found we can provide better service; better fit; and lower pricing by selling Dodge Boots directly to our customers.

What if I don’t like them?

We bend over backwards to make your skiing experience on Dodge Boots the best possible. But, if we can’t satisfy you, you can return the boots within 30 days for a full refund (less shipping, credit card processing fees and any applicable fitting charges).

How long will they last?

Dodge Boots typically last as long as traditional “rubber” boots. As with anything else, it all depends on how you take care of them.

How does the Remote Fitting System work?

The Dodge Ski Boots industry-exclusive Remote Fitting System allows us to provide the most custom fit boot in the world. You take photos of your feet using our Remote Fitting App, answer some questions and we can determine the correct length and width shell; the correct length and volume liner; where any punches or padding is needed; and the correct flex. We’re not always perfect, but it’s easy to send the boots back at any time for adjustments (we can usually turn them around in a day or 2.)

Are they cold?

Dodge Boots are no colder than any other boot and, many people tell us, their Dodge Boots are even warmer than their old boots because they don’t have to buckle them as tightly.

What sizes do you have?

Dodge Boots sizes run from 23.5 mondo to 29.0 mondo; with wide (102 mm) and regular (98 mm) widths.

Where are they made?

We proudly make Dodge Boots in Essex, Vermont USA

What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?

Only Dodge Boots offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If we can’t make you happy with your Dodge Ski Boots, return them within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping, credit card processing fees and any applicable fitting charges.

Do you have pro deals?/deals for instructors/patrollers?

Sorry, no pro deals. But, if you buy a pair and then send us a lot of referrals, we’ve been known to be pretty generous.

Can I demo a pair?

We tried demo’ing boots in the past and, frankly it doesn’t work well unless you happen to have the perfect fit and flex. BUT, with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee you can’t go wrong: If you’re not happy, return the boots for a full refund (less shipping, credit card processing fees and any applicable fitting charges).

Do you sell to Canada? Europe? Asia?

YES, Dodge Boots have been sold all around the world!

What if I need work done on them after I’ve purchased?

No problem. Simply send them to us and we’ll take care of you. We can usually do what’s needed and have them on the way back to you within a day or 2.

What if I need a punch?

No problem. Simply send them to us and we’ll take care of you. We can usually do what’s needed and have them on the way back to you within a day or 2.

Do you have an AT boot?

No, but many people are using their Dodge Boots with frame-type AT bindings such as the Tyrolia Ambition. That set-up weighs the same or less than most dedicated AT tech boots and bindings, but offers much more safety and control.

Do you make a telemark boot?

Sorry, no telemark boots.

What about a snowboard boot?

Sorry, no snowboard boots.

How much do they weigh?

A Dodge Boot, in size 26.5, weighs about 1700 grams, compared to a typical “traditional” boot weighing over 2500 grams.

What flexes do you have?

Dodge Boots have a flex range from 90 to 150. When we custom fit your boots, we will work with you to determine the right flex (unlike many places that sell you what they have in stock.)

How do you do alignment?

We have developed an alignment system that focuses on getting the correct boot angles (both forward lean and lateral alignment) so you will stand in a balanced position on your skis. Even if you purchase your boots “long-distance” we show you how to adjust your boots up for the right stance.

How wide is the last?

The Dodge Boots last is a 98 mm last for regular width and 102 mm for the wide boot (in a size 26.5)

What is the ramp angle?

The Dodge Boots ramp angle is 3.5°.

How much forward lean adjustment is there?

Cuff adjustment on Dodge Boots provides forward lean adjustment of +/- 3° from the neutral position of 13°

Are the soles replaceable?

Sole plates on Dodge Boots are easily replaced and we recommend doing so whenever they are worn-out.

Why not use a Velcro power strap?

We found a buckle provides the most secure hold and ease of adjustment.

Why only three buckles?

The shell material stiffness of Dodge Boots makes a 4th buckle unnecessary.

What is the stand height?

Dodge Boots conform to FIS stand height regulations of 43 mm.

Do you have GripWalk soles?

No.  Dodge Ski Boots conform to ISO 5355 specifications for Alpine ski boots.