The Dodge Story

Little has changed since 1959 when plastics engineer Bob Lange ingeniously used plastic to revolutionize ski boot construction and spelled the end of leather ski boots.  Sure, boot makers have tried many different approaches such as rear-entry boots and mid-entry boots; boots with many buckles and no buckles; boots with extreme flexibility and no flexibility; boots with heights ranging from ankle to knee; and many more experiments.

But, after 60 years, today’s modern ski boot is little changed from those found on the feet of `60’s ski stars like Jean Claude Killy and Karl Schranz. And, the performance of boots used by World Cup racers and Alpine touring enthusiasts falls woefully short of the performance delivered by modern skis and bindings.

The Dodge Founders

Dodge Ski Boots was founded on a simple, yet bold idea: Make the best ski boot possible.

As longtime ski racers, Dave Dodge and Bill Doble experienced first-hand many of skiing’s innovations and been frustrated that today’s boot technology hasn’t kept pace with ski and binding technology.

So, in early 2009 when “the stars aligned,” Dodge Ski Boots was born, giving them the opportunity to follow their passion, their gut and their experience, without compromise. A good friend and mentor of their’s said early on that they should concentrate on making the best boot possible and “don’t be fashion.” So you won’t see Dodge with glitzy ads or colors or anything else. We just concentrate on the boot. The Best Boot Possible.