I have been skiing in Dodge boots for 3 seasons and couldn’t be more pleased with them.


In terms of performance they are outstanding: light with a consistent smooth flex and great edge to edge quickness and precision. The edging enhancement vs my previous (pretty high quality foam fitted) boots was dramatic and evident right from the very first few turns.  The Dodge boot’s stiffness on the slopes seems similar to my previous 130 flex boots.

In terms of comfort they are far and away the best boots I have ever had. Normally I am a 27.5 but got into a 26.5 boot. On the first try it was a little challenging to get the boots on and there was pressure on one point on the side of each foot (I have a widish forefoot and always have had the same pressure issue with other boots).  The pressure was quickly relieved in the initial fitting via one modest punch on the side of each boot. Later I decided on a little more space at the pressure point, so FedEx’d my boots in for another small punch on each boot which was remarkably simple and has been completely effective. I have narrow ankles which move around in most boots so later swapped the Dodge liner for ZipFit Garas which provide incredible heal hold (superior to my previous boots which had foam fitted liners) and very good comfort. As an aside, with my feet in the ZipFits I can easily and very comfortably slide the ZipFits in and out of my Dodge boots (a little but not too much Slide On teflon spray helps)


In terms of warmth the boots were quite good with the Dodge liner. However the ZipFits seem cold in the toes and I have fitted Hotronics boot warmers which have been a real success.


The boots are so close to perfect that I expect to keep them for many many seasons. Keep up the great work…