“Looking forward to my fourth year on a Dodge boot….the design and material create the perfect combination to deliver consistent flex and responsiveness.”

I’m looking forward to starting my fourth year in the Dodge boot and I can’t wait to get back on snow.  I first saw a Dodge boot on one of the Masters that I coach, Chuck Thorndike.  I’ve known Chuck for years and know his skiing.  While riding the lift, I saw Chuck coming down the hill from a distance.  I turned to the coach next to me and said “What the hell happened to Chuck?!”  He’s always been a strong skier, but his stance was great and he had better angles than we’ve ever seen.  When I finally caught up with him, I got to hear my first rave review of the Dodge boot.  In short order, I had a pair and I’ll never ski another boot.
As a coach who also gets into the gates regularly, I love the fit and responsiveness of the Dodge boot.  The design and material create the perfect combination to deliver consistent flex and responsiveness whether it’s gates or free skiing.  And the comfort is there for standing on the hill coaching for hours at a time. 
One issue I hear regularly as I talk to people about the Dodge boot is the flex.  Many people are under the impression that the Dodge boot is too stiff and “too responsive”.  Excuse me? Too responsive?  Is there such a thing?  They’re awesomely responsive and that’s all I’ll say about that subject.  Too stiff?  I’m 5’8” and if I eat a huge breakfast, I’m a massive 140 pounds.  Because of the carbon fiber construction, the flex is clean, smooth and totally consistent at all temperature ranges no matter what your skill level,  size or age may be.  This last season, on those -20̊ days, while plastic boots felt like concrete casts, my Dodge boots flex didn’t change a bit.