Where I'm From:

Fiskdale, Massachusetts

Where I Like To Ski:

Mt. Wachusett is my home base, but I ski all over the country, Canada and have been to Europe skiing.

I've Owned My Dodge Ski Boots For:

2 to 3 years

How Many Pairs I've Owned:


What First Attracted Me To Dodge Ski Boots:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Technology

What Helped Me Make The Final Decision To Purchase:

Consistent flex

What I Like Best About My Dodge Ski Boots:

The consistent flex and light weight In that order make them a joy to ski. They are extremely quick edge to edge and have a great tongue for applying force to the front of the ski.

What I Like Least About My Dodge Ski Boots:

They were hard to dial in for a low volume foot. First bales were too long and had to get the shortest ones available. The bladder was the perfect size, but there was too much room in the shell which required me to do a foam toe plug in the shell and eventually a 3/32 of an inch foot shaped plate that I put between the bottom of the shell and the liner. All that done, and they are extremely comfortable, with some toe wiggle still, but no foot movement.

What About The Boot I Would Recommend To A Friend:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Comfort - Warmth - Feel

What I Would Tell Someone Considering A Purchase Of Dodge Ski Boots:

I know that you have changed your fit system, so getting them through the mail might be better now, but with regards to my experience, I would say that the best thing to do would be to go to factory and get them fit.

If I could define Dodge in one word:

Necessary! or Revolutionary!

What I Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

Didn't work that great for me.

What I Don't Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

I had to be creative to get the right fit at home. Most people wouldn't do what I did.

What It's Like To Ski In A Dodge Ski Boot:

Really like them.

How It's Different Than A "Rubber" Boot:

There is no comparison. These boots allow you to put a ski on edge faster than anything (mostly Lange ) that I have skied throughout my long history of skiing (65 years). They are pretty much all day comfortable and yes, they are warmer than any other boot as well.

Would I Purchase Another Pair?:


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