Where I'm From:

Wayland, MA USA

Where I Like To Ski:

I primarily ski at Sugarbush in VT, but also frequent Alta, Snowbird, and various spots around British Columbia including cat operations.

I've Owned My Dodge Ski Boots For:

less than 1 year

How Many Pairs I've Owned:


What First Attracted Me To Dodge Ski Boots:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Comfort - Technology - Uniqueness - American-made

What Helped Me Make The Final Decision To Purchase:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Comfort - Technology - Uniqueness - American-made

What I Like Best About My Dodge Ski Boots:

The performance of the boot is amazing, I tell people it's like driving a Ferrari whereas my old boots were like a '74 Chevy Nova.

What I Like Least About My Dodge Ski Boots:

The liners feel a bit insubstantial compared to other boots I've owned. I'm concerned they'll pack out faster than normal. The stock footbed seems like it was meant to be discarded. For the price point would be great to include some Superfeet or a similar off the shelf footbed. Would be great to have a more substantial feeling liner or offer third party liners as options -- maybe foam injection?

What About The Boot I Would Recommend To A Friend:

Light weight - Consistent flex - Performance - Comfort - Feel - Customer Service - American-made

What I Would Tell Someone Considering A Purchase Of Dodge Ski Boots:

Just do it -- well worth the money, the performance is amazing and you're not going to find that anywhere else.

If I could define Dodge in one word:


What I Like About The Dodge Remote Fitting System:

Easy to use - Tells me things I may not feel - Provides a true custom fit

How It Is To Deal With People At Dodge Ski Boots:

Great, I love them!

What It's Like To Ski In A Dodge Ski Boot:

Unbelievably great!

How It's Different Than A "Rubber" Boot:

Responsiveness is the biggest difference, they are very, very responsive

Would I Purchase Another Pair?:


Why/Why Not?:

I've never been able to wear a pair of boots for a full day of skiing. I always have to take them off multiple times during the day to allow my feet to "reset" -- with my Dodge boots, not only can I keep them on, I can keep them buckled. I can also buckle them tighter than I've ever been able to which makes the boot much more responsive.

Precision Rating:

Power Rating:

Feel Rating:

Comfort Rating:

Warmth Rating:

Appearance Rating:

Quality Rating:

Durability Rating:

Fit Rating:

Pricing Value:

Skiing Enjoyment:

Overall Rating: